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Colourful Scalar Radiation Protection Pendant

Colourful crystal classic scalar energy pendant with up to 4000 negative ions. This beautiful design with multiple colours is a popular piece with the added benefits of protecting you against EMF radiation.

This particular Scalar Energy Pendant is a mineral based high-tech formulated energy pendant, made from specially sourced volcanic materials from Japan. The materials are free from any nuclear radioactive materials like other cheap created pendants.

Negative ions in the air are the good ones, whereas positive ions are the bad ones that are harmful to the body. Positive ions are caused by things such as EMR from electricity. 

Lets look at this as an example;

The negative ion count in an office area may typically be 70, with a positive ion count of 1400, whereas the negative ion count in a forest could by 2500 with a positive ion count of 800. When selecting a scalar energy pendant, it is better to go for one with a high negative ion count. Most that are available on the market are 1000 negative ion count which are weak, ours provided a high strength negative ion reading.

Product Information

Design: Colourful Crystals
Necklace Type: Adjustable
Material: Japanese Lava Rock
Item Width: 4.1 cm
Depth: 0.5 cm
Weight: 20 Grams
Packaging: Box + Authenticity Card
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