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RADISAFE Mobile Phone EMF Radiation Protector

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Individually Packaged Mobile Cellphone Anti-radiation shields packed with 2000~3000 ions 100% GENUINE & AUTHENTIC!

Absorbs 99.95% of electromagnetic pollution (harmful waves) emitted by the phone Absorbs 80% of the heat produced by the phone after 15 minutes of use.

Consists of volcanic mineral coated by ceramic, environmentally-friendly materials Very small & light - Non Binding accessory that lasts for the life of the phone. 

Directions for use

Remove the adhesive tape from the back of the patch.

Paste the adhesive side of patch on the back of mobile.

Keep it in your pocket next to your mobile phone so it can continue absorbing the EMF radiation .  

This item can give you following benefits

- Reduction of inflammation in your body

- Enhancement of blood circulation

- Destruction of viruses and bacteria in the body

- It enhances immune and endocrine systems in your body

- Increases your focus and concentration

- Increases energy in your body

- Helps in protecting DNA from any damage 

- Strengthens the bodyies Bio-field

- Helps to fight against damaged cells in the body

- Helps lowering the ageing process

Product Information

Brand: Radisafe
Type:  Anti Radiation
Shields: Up to 99.95%
Reduces: Up to 80% Heat
Item Width: 22.5mm
Depth: 2.5mm
Use: EMF Devices
Weight: 2 Grams
Packaging: OPP Bag + Instructions
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