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Scalar Protection Pendant Classic CZ Stones


Now, you can achieve better health and greater vitality, by neutralising negative energies, and re-charging your body's energy field with the right energy frequencies using the Scalar Energy Pendant.

Using advanced nanotechnology know-how, with natural minerals structurally bonded together, the Scalar Energy Pendant restores balance and harmony to the body

Wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant, you can effectively achieve the following benefits;

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better stamina, endurance and strength
  • Enhances Immune and Endocrine Systems
  • Enhances Cellular Nutrition and Detoxification
  • Enhances Cellular Permeability
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • A calmer mind and sharper focus/concentration
  • Alleviates soreness, aches and pains; improved flexibility
  • Energises blood cells and reduces "stickiness" in blood cells
  • Neutralises Harmful Energies; Strengthens Your Body's Bio-Energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves
  • Restores balance and harmony to the body and increases your energy levels

This Scalar Energy Pendant is a mineral based high-tech formulated energy pendant, made from specially sourced volcanic materials from Japan. We have multiple designs available, along with other anti-radiation products.

Product Information

Design: Classic + Crystals
Necklace Type: Soft Adjustable
Strength: 2500-4000 Neg Ions
Material: Japanese Lava Rock
Protective Case:  Optional
Item Width: 0.5 cm
Depth: 4.5 cm
Weight: 20 Grams
Packaging: Box + Authenticity Card
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