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Blue Black Titanium Solid Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Size Guide
Size Chart
This chart is a simple guide to help you determine the size of your wrist and if you'll need to purchase additional links. We send magnetic bracelets in a standard large size of 22cm with a free link remover tool. bracelet size chart

Discover this perfect magnetic bracelet to add to your jewellery collection. Available in a range of styles and colours. This classic black bracelet with two bold blue stripes running through the middle, I think you'll agree would look perfect on any wrist, and will guarantee to get people talking!

STRONG DOUBLE ROW MAGNETS: High power 3500 Gauss Magnets helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. These are the strongest magnets available, much stronger than any other weaker magnetic products you'll find online.

PURE TITANIUM: Titanium is extremely strong and incredibly lightweight you'll hardly know you are wearing it. Titanium is an extremely robust and very low maintenance metal perfect for everyday wear.

100% HYPOALLERGENIC: Our bracelets will not irritate your skin or cause the allergic reactions that may happen using other materials like steel or copper.

FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Our titanium range is so discreet that no one would suspect it's a therapeutic bracelet. With many designs there is a magnetic bracelet for everyone.

FREE LINK REMOVER: All our link bracelets come with a tool allowing you to easily adjust the size of your bracelet at home, so that it will always fit on your wrist perfectly.

GIFT BOX PACKAGING: Comes in a premium quality luxury gift box. This provides a safe place to keep your energy bracelet or to send as a present to a family member or a friend.

The design of the bracelet permits for the north pole of the magnets to face the skin and to create a powerful, healing magnetic field around your wrist. North pole facing magnets are considered to be most beneficial for human health.

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Product Information

Design: Link Bracelet
Gender: Mens / Unisex
Magnet Type:  Neodymium
Elements: Fully Magnetic
Strength: [44]x 3500 Gauss Mags
Material: Titanium
ION Plating:  Blue & Black
Length: 22cm + Link Remover
Item Width: 1.5cm
Depth: 0.3cm
Clasp Style: Fold Over
Weight: 40 Grams
Packaging: Gift Box
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