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Wide Simple Understated Copper Magnetic Bangle

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This chart is a simple guide to help you determine the size of your wrist and if you'll need to purchase additional links. We send magnetic bracelets in a standard large size of 22cm with a free link remover tool. Don't forget to take advantage of our BUY 2 10% OFF deal.
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I think you'll find this classic wide and chunky copper magnetic bangle will provide you with a chic and minimalist look, and is guaranteed to give you the pain management that you have been looking for. Made from pure solid copper and containing six neodymium magnets throughout this lovely little piece.

  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Easily adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Gift Box Included

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Scientific reports have also shown that a number of people during trials have found magnetic therapy has helped them with a variety of conditions including arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is thought that magnets may re-balance the body's energy, thereby restoring health and relieving pain as magnetic fields exist in all living things, including our own bodies.

Product Information

Design: Bangle
Gender: Unisex
Magnet Type:  Neodymium
Elements: Fully Magnetic
Strength: [8] x 3500 Gauss Mags
Material: Pure Copper
Item Size: Adults
Width: 1.2cm
Weight: 38 Grams
Packaging: Gift Box
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